How ATV racing came about

In the times, guys needed to come up with a different kind of strong vehicle for heavy duty functions. They wanted a machine that has been powerful enough to pull tractors as well as other heavy farm equipment that had gotten stuck in deep mud or snow. Lumberjacks who need to travel to the depth of the woods did better when they did not have to make their trek on foot. Therefore, the All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV was conceptualized.

The ATV did just about everything they were designed for, including beat the trails other vehicles found impossible to pass. It was only afterwards that the ATV caught guy’s fantasy as a type of sport and diversion. The recent decades saw the growth of ATV racing as a formidable sport which thrilled not only the participants but the viewers too.

ATV racing is popular but nonetheless it can also be a dangerous task. Parents seldom let their children to take part in this sport due to the risks. The race is every bit a mix of the exhilaration of speed and rough, unpredictable terrains. The challenges change diversely from stone to fallen trees to nearly whatever nature has to supply as a sort of challenge.

Recreational offroad driving excursions in a ATV are dangerous enough even at low gears since it entails travelling along routes which could be too thick or too narrow to pass through.

Impenetrable regions have unforeseen risks and this could drive you to back track and search for alternate courses. The delights of ATV racing on the other hand are distinct as the motorists push the limits of the machine. They’d frequently speed into dangerous terrain without even being aware of what to anticipate. The need to win the race is more extreme as opposed to concern with hidden risks like deep pits or enormous stones that could damage the ATV.

You could have seen several of those ATV races on television and found them extremely exhilarating. Together with all the delight as well as the speed, anyone who’s viewing it may be prepared to find out some vehicles crashing any time. It’s possible for you to see in delight how machines are thrown off or go wheeling with the passengers inside.

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Ford Brothers Racing – Monster Mountain Update

Monster Mountain was an appropriate name for the weekend. The competition was a real MONSTER. In a great way of course. The classes, that a few short years ago, were just pre-teens without a driver’s license, are now the driving force of power and pure entertainment to watch as they compete for the glorious position on the podium.

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Chad Wienen Earns His Third Consecutive Win at The Monster Mountain ATVMX National

Hot and humid weather conditions returned for the third round of the Wiseco ATV Motocross National Championship (ATVMX) presented by CST Tires, an AMA National Championship. Wienen Motorsports/SSi Decals/Walsh Racecraft/Yamaha/Maxxis/7240’s Chad Wienen would walk away with the overall win after going 2-1 at the famed Monster Mountain MX Park in Tallassee, Alabama.

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Some important tips for health and fitness when approaching the track

nutrition and fitness

When following the life of a sports enthusiast we need to make sure our health and fitness is up to shape. Here are some tips.


Concentrate on Wellness Instead of Weight-loss


When the desire for optimum health and mindful living ends up being the objective, your body has no option however to follow in addition to that objective. Whenever we require ourselves to do things to slim down (like limited diet plans and workout regimens we do not get in touch with) we produce a war within our minds. Rather, think about exactly what it would seem like to truly appreciate yourself. What foods would somebody who likes themselves consume? What exercises seem like enjoyable to you?

The concept is to form a psychological photo of exactly what happiness seems like in regard to fitness and health and after that take part in habits that line up with that vision. By doing this, you’ll not just anticipate consuming right and working out, however you’ll persevere for a life time.


Practice Workout Guidelines


Healthy living uses many benefits on every level possible– particularly when practiced from the abovementioned mindset. Nevertheless, there are still some basic ideas that have to be acknowledged and appreciated in an effort to prevent unneeded injury. Motivate yourself to be conscious when it concerns your wellness by ending up being conscious of the best ways to deliberately follow a safe and structured workout program.


Some other tips

  • Be consistent
  • Follow an effective exercise routine
  • Set realistic goals
  • Use the buddy system
  • Make your plan fit your lifestyle
  • Be happy
  • Watch the clock
  • Call a professional nutrition and fitness trainer
  • Get inspired
  • Be patient


Make sure you follow a suitable program for you and one that helps you in your lifestyle so you feel at ease otherwise it might end up being something you hate doing.

It is important to make sure we are healthy and fit for riding out on the track.

It would probably be best to call a nutrition coach to assist you with a plan just for you.


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Westley Wolfe Race Report – FLY Racing ATV Supercross and Texas ATV National

The 2017 Wiseco ATV Motocross National Championship kicked off last month in Daytona Beach, Florida with the third annual FLY Racing ATV Supercross on March 14. The second round of the 11-round circuit took place this past Saturday, April 1, with the Texas National at Underground MX Park in Kemp, Texas.

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Chad Wienen Extends Points Lead with Underground National Win

The 2017 Wiseco ATV Motocross National Championship (ATVMX) presented by CST Tires, an AMA National Championship, continued today, April 1, at Underground MX Park (UGMX) in Kemp, Texas. The action on the track was nothing short of exciting with ideal racing conditions, creating an all-around exciting race day. The hot and humid Lonestar State weather put the AMA ATV Pro class to the test when it came to their riding skills, but at the end of the two grueling motos it was Wienen Motorsports/SSi Decals/Walsh Racecraft/Yamaha/Maxxis/7240’s Chad Wienen who took home the esteemed overall win.

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